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Committees and Their Chairmen

Committees and Their Chairmen

Within the framework of the project of restructuring and developing performance of the association, and the desire of the members of the Board of Directors to involve members of the association in its activities, achievements and progress, we invite UAE AAA members to participate in the following committees of the association, noting that it is possible to offer volunteer certificates and experience for those who are active in the committees.

  • Offices Membership Committee.
  • Institutions Membership Committee.
  • Conference Committee.
  • Training Committee.
  • Symposia Committee.
  • Student Membership Committee.
  • Chartered Accountants Committee.
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting Committee.
  • Auditing and Professional Performance Quality Committee.
  • Accounting, Auditing and Islamic Financial Services Committee.
  • Internal Auditing and Risk Management Committee.
  • Governance, Disclosure and Transparency Standards Committee.
  • CFOs Committee.
  • Auditors Committee.
  • Experts Committee.
  • Public Sector Accountants Committee.
  • Business Sector Accountants Committee.
  • Financial Advisors and Analysts Committee.
Objective of Establishment and Work of the Committees
  • fadeInAssess the situation in the field of competence and identify SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).
  • fadeInPreparing and overseeing plans and programs that ensure promotion and strengthening of the profession.
  • fadeInEstablishing relationships and communication with relevant partners.
  • fadeInDeployment and documentation of the latest knowledge in the field of profession and exchange of information with the concerned.
  • fadeInContribute to establishment of courses, seminars and conferences, which aim to develop the profession in accordance with the Committee’s competence and raise the efficiency of the people involved.
  • fadeInContribute to provide technical support and advice to the relevant agencies.
  • fadeInContribute to the preparation of studies and research in the field of profession.
  • fadeInCoordination with other relevant councils and committees of the association.
Responsibilities and powers
  • Head of the Committee: head of the Working Group.
  • Members of the Committee: working team.
  • Board of Directors (the Executive Committee): Support and coordination.
  • Executive branch (secretarial committees): Documentation and technical support.
Mechanisms of Work
  • Are determined by the working group each according to its competence with development of the time frame for action.
  • Application Impact Measuring.
  • Results of the team are counted and published semi-annually.

Head of technical committees

Saif Al-Mihairy

Chairman of Governance, Disclosure and transparency standards committee Director of general financial administration Dubai Police General command

Khalid Al-Zouabi

Chairman of audit control and revision of professional perfomance director of Dubai International Financial Center

Basil Nadim

Chairman of financial service committee excicutive officer of capital development ex-senior consultant of Delwit

Mustafa Mahmoud

Chairman of international audit and risk management committee ex head of International audit of Dubai group of Islamic Bank

Yousef Hassan

Chairman of Account and financial reports committee partner-KPMG