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Individual Membership

Working Membership

  • To be a UAE citizen.
  • Be of good conduct.
  • Be in full possession of civil capacity.
  • I must have a university degree in accounting or equivalent or higher diploma after secondary school certificate, or be licensed by the Ministry of Economy and Trade.
  • Must be working or interested in the field of accounting and auditing.
  • To accept the Statute of the association and the subsequent instructions.
  • To get the approval of the Board of Directors.

Request membership (working - affiliated)

    Required documents

  • A copy of the family book and a passport for citizens and a copy of the passport with a picture of accommodation for non-citizens
  • A copy of the scientific qualifications in Accounting and if the specialization financial or administrative or bank or other please kindly send material detection and image of the university student membership card and a copy of the registration and license professional membership offices
  • Membership fees 300 AED
  • Subscriptions paid by check in the name of Accountants and Auditors Association or bank transfer at the expense of Assembly number (IBAN: AE5705000000000010224397) Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, or payment in cash